Hi. My name is Adam.

I believe in creating cool sh*t. (Nothing else matters, really.)

Some folks I've worked with:

The Work:
Social Media Management, Strategy, Community Management

At LivingSocial, I implemented the brand's social media strategy, lead the management of their online communities, and coordinated a variety of digital campaigns. I also directed a team of over 20 community managers across the country and helped pivot the brand's customer service strategy to incorporate social media to improve handling of consumer issues.

The Work:
Instructional Design, Usability, Digital Strategy

At Rosetta Stone, I performed usability testing and benchmarking to improve language-learning software in accordance with instructional design best practices, specifically for endangered languages. I also worked closely with the program director in restructuring the Endangered Language Program as an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization while developing the initial marketing plan and other collateral.

The Work:
Instructional Design, Social Media Strategy

Researched, designed, and implemented strategic social and mobile learning programs.

The Work:
Digital Strategy, Ethnography

The Work:
Media Production, Research/Ethnography

Verizon hired us to explore the reasons why a particular group of consumers seemed reluctant to subscribe to their FiOS internet service. We conducted an ethnography of said consumers, spent time with them in their homes, while shopping, and so forth, and documented our research primarily through video. We then analyzed our findings, edited these findings into short explanatory videos, and presented our conclusions to Verizon. As a result of our efforts, Verizon was able to make a direct change to their product offering that brought more consumers into the fold based on ethnographic data that revealed specific (and previously hidden) needs of their target market.

TimelineJS is an open-source tool which permits everyone to build visually rich, interactive timelines. Beginners can produce a timeline with merely a Google spreadsheet, such as the one we employed for the Timeline over . Pros can utilize their JSON abilities to make customized installations, while maintaining TimelineJS's core performance.